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    select.select() with server sockets


    recently I was trying some IPC using sockets on my phone (6600). I wrote two scripts (server and client) and run one from my Ped and the other one from the standard Python Shell.

    The server was using port 39871 (arbitrary one) on host (localhost).

    It worked quite well until I've tried the select module.

    It seems that you cannot use select for waiting for incoming connections. So if your socket is a listening one and you're calling select() because you don't know if accept() will block (you do it by passing timeout=0 to the select), you can't do that. I haven't found anything about this limitation in PyS60 docs.

    Here's a part of the server code:
    sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
    sock.bind(('', 39871))
    lst = select.select([sock], [], [])[0]

    Oddly, when it gets to the select line, it dumps
    error socket.error (0, 'Error')
    to the stdout or stderr (although I haven't print anything).

    Then it continues the execution.

    After the socket has been connected/accepted, select works as expected.

    Should I file a bug report?

    Kind regards,
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    Re: select.select() with server sockets

    I've found a temporary solution to this problem.

    Looking at the PyS60 socket.py module revealed that socket methods like connect, send, recv and accept have an undocumented cb (callback) argument.

    Here's an example:
    def accept_callback((s, addr)):
        # s is the new socket (e32socket.Socket type), addr the address it was connected from
        print s, addr
    This doesn't allow you to test if there are awaiting connections but you don't need a separate thread for accept() if you want to do other things in the meantime. Callbacks are most probably based on Active Objects so they will only be called if you're in e32.ao_sleep(), e32.Ao_lock().wait() or such thing.
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    Re: select.select() with server sockets

    is it possible to use this e32.socket in select()?

    it raises a NotImplemented exception, because it is no socket.socket..

    socket._socketobject(s, socket.AF_INET)
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