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    add file from glob to listbox

    hi guys, very quick question.

    how can i add files from a glob command to a listbox?

    fileList = []
    for file in glob.glob("*.jpg"):
    listbox = appuifw.Listbox(fileList, file_handler)
    this is the code. when i run it, i get an error saying the argument is of the wrong type. if i put a random string in fileList and comment out the append, then it displays fine.

    i thought glob gave out a list of filenames as strings, so why doesn't this work?

    many thanks


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    Re: add file from glob to listbox

    Listbox requires that the strings you're giving to it are unicode. This should fix it:

    listbox = appuifw.Listbox(map(unicode, fileList), file_handler)
    -- ADDED --

    I'm not sure now but glob probably returns the filenames encoded with utf-8. That means that you will get errors with the above code if the filenames contain non ascii charcters like umlauts.

    In this case, this will be better:

    listbox = appuifw.Listbox([x.decode('utf8') for x in fileList], file_handler)

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    Re: add file from glob to listbox

    thanks very much for the help mate.

    why is it that although it is encoded as utf-8, it cannot be displayed?

    if i use decode will i then get unicode?

    and im guessing map(unicode, fileList) will convert all fileList items into unicode?

    thanks for the help again, am desperately trying to get my head around the quirks of python!


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