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    Regarding Signing and Certification


    I am now developing applications for series 60 3rd Edition,before developing the applications i have downloaded some of the 3rd edition applications and tested .The question now is there are some SIS files which are working fine on all 3rd Editon mobiles without any problem like certificate expired or usigned application etc.

    So than i have gone through all the documentaion available on Signing and certification and came to a conclusion that for our normal testing we can go for a self certification and if we want for 100 IMEI s we need to go for a publiser ID and Developer Certificate.

    Even though we are having developer certificate and Publisher ID ,we need to sign the SIS file individually,so now my question is

    "I want to Sign my SIS file only once and it should be able to work on all mobiles for all different IMEIs,for this to happen what are the things i need to do"



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    Re: Regarding Signing and Certification

    you need to symbian sign it then.

    Or reduce the capabilities used in the app to those ones which with you can still use self-signing.


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