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    Question automatic BT pairing without user interaction


    I know it has been discussed many times before, but I can't find a concrete answer to this question:

    Is it possible to do a BT pairing between two devices without user-interaction? The PIN-Code the user normally has to type in is allready stored in the midlet, so the midlet has to initiate a pairing process after which the device should be appear in the "paired devices" list.
    So in detail, I don't want to initiate a pairing without a PIN, but this PIN has not to be typed in by the user but "by the midlet".
    How can one implement this? Does JSR 82 even support this? I can't find any method for this action...

    Thanks for your answers!!

    perhaps this fits more in Developer Discussion Boards > Programming Languages > Mobile Java > Mobile Java Networking & Messaging & Security
    if so, please move!
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