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    Arrow How to create Drop down list in J2ME

    Hello Techies,

    I am very new to J2ME. My Problem is I want to create a drop down list which is very much similar as normal dropdown list.

    I know there is an option in ChoiceGroup using Choice.POPUP. But it is not giving the same look and feel of normal dropdown list. It is giving a popup where we can chose from that list. I want the same look and feel of normal web page drop down list.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: How to create Drop down list in J2ME

    The options and control over toe look and feel with high-level UI classes is limited (also the look and feel is decided by the Java ME implementation / system - not by your MIDlet). If I understand what you are after, that is not possible with high-level UI elements. You could see if something similar is available for example with J2MEPolish


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