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    defineReferencePixel doesn't work as it should in some phones


    I'm developing a game in MIDP 2.0, and I'm having some problems.

    One of them is that, when I use defineReferencePixel(x,y) to mirror an Image, it works just fine in most phones, but in Nokia 7373, it mirrors the image, but paints it in a different position (if the x argument is 25, it's painted to the left, if it's -25, painted to the right, the same ocurring in the y axis - if it's y = 25 it's painted some pixels up from the position it should, and if it's negative, it's painted down).
    If I don't use this method, the image mirrors itself to the left and then returns to the position it should be painted, but at least it's painted in the right position on all phones I tested after this transformation.

    Does anybody know a way to correct this somehow?

    Another issue I'm facing is that when I resize images, most phones keep the transparency, and it's working ok. But when I test it in N61, it loses the transparency. Is there some way to make it work in this phone?

    Thank you for your attention

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    Re: defineReferencePixel doesn't work as it should in some phones

    I think this is related, however I cannot remember why we did not include 7373 (I guess those devices were not yet exactly out...time to update this...)


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    Re: defineReferencePixel doesn't work as it should in some phones

    Thank you very much for the help.
    I tested the application in S40 3rd edition FP2 emulator, and it gets the same error, can I consider that all S40 3rd edition have this problem?

    Do you happen to know about the second problem I had?
    I researched more in this forum and in the wiki, but couldn't find anything that could help me with keeping transparency in S60 3rd edition when I resize it.

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    Re: defineReferencePixel doesn't work as it should in some phones

    Hello asato,

    updated (Series 40 3rd edition FP2 added):


    The problem has been fixed starting from Series 40 5th Edition onwards (tested and verified).


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