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    'Invalid Jar' on N73

    We’re having a problem with users being able to download a MIDlet consistently. In some case we are getting reports of ‘Invalid JAR’ and it seems to be predominantly on the Nokia N73 but may be occurring on similar devices (e.g. E65). It doesn’t happen for all users with an N73, but given a handset on a given network they will always get ‘Invalid JAR’.

    The JAR file is definitely sane as it will load without error if Bluetoothed to the device and there is no inconsistency between the JAD and JAR manifest.

    I've noted the suggestion at http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...p/t-90201.html and this is not the case.

    Have any other users experienced similar issues and managed to resolve them for this handset?


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    Re: 'Invalid Jar' on N73

    Move to the appropriate Java security forum

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    Re: 'Invalid Jar' on N73

    Is the MIDlet signed or not? What does the MIDlet do? What APIs are you using?

    Do you have firmware versions of those phones (both successes and failures)?


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    Re: 'Invalid Jar' on N73

    I have similar findings, which I have seen at least on E70 and 6110 Navigator - I suspect this is not too phone-specific but a platform bug.

    The problem is, I guess, that application management messes up somewhere. The symptom only appears when the application has already been installed into a phone and is being re-installed.

    How it shows up is that as the jad is loaded, the phone gives "invalid jar" right after loading the jad. It does not even load the jar itself.

    The .jad and .jar files are absolutely correct and install correctly on "clean" devices.

    The problem can be fixed by a combination of (a) uninstalling the midlet (b) clearing browser cache AND (c) rebooting the phone. All of these were required, and it repeated several times similarly.

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    Re: 'Invalid Jar' on N73

    Hello apsaarin,

    could you tell more about this (please refer to Hartti's previous questions for definition)?

    Is there any difference for example with simple HelloWorld app and some MIDlet which needs signed APIs?


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