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    Unhappy Preinstalled SIS PKG

    Hi all:
    I just build S60_3rd_FP1's example--HelloWorldBasic,it support multi-language:EN,FI,ZH,JA,the SA SIS run well.
    So I make it to PA SIS,the PA-PKG is
    ;Language - standard language definitions

    ; standard SIS file header
    #{"HelloWorldBasic", "HelloWorldBasic", "HelloWorldBasic", "HelloWorldBasic"},(0xA000017F),1,0,0,TYPE=PA

    ;Localised Vendor name
    %{"Vendor-EN", "Vendor-FI", "Vendor-ZH", "Vendor-JA"}

    ;Unique Vendor name
    but the PA sis can't install into the ENG env device that auto language is Simple chinese.
    I thought the PA sis can't support Multi-language when the PA-PGK included
    multi-language description,is right?
    please help me! thanks
    thanks all your help

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    Re: Preinstalled SIS PKG

    just remove the multi-language part, and add all resource files there (you need to have them anyway). You could also maybe have two english versions one for R01 and one for RSC,then it would always use the right language if it is available, and fallback to english in all other cases.


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    Talking Re: Preinstalled SIS PKG

    Thanks! As your help,it can install well,I thought PA SIS Pkg shouldn't be checked with mutil-language when pass symbian sign.
    thanks a lot.
    thanks all your help

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