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    Post specifying media type and RTP ports in SIP

    I am having trouble with how to specify audio as media type , codec G723 and RTP port in a SIP INVITE request. plz provide me format of such a comlete SIP INVITE request .

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    Re: specifying media type and RTP ports in SIP


    Check SipRtpExApp_Sample_Application_v1_0_en.zip found from this forum. There you will find inside 'sipengine' sample
    code how to use SDP with INVITE, this function:

    // -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    // CSipRtpExSipEngine::MediaFieldsL()
    // Insert the media line to the SDP document given as parameter.
    // -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    void CSipRtpExSipEngine::MediaFieldsL( CSdpDocument* aDocument )

    Note, in order to compile this sample you need Nokia RTP API's found from this forum, SDK API Plugins package.

    Hope that helps!

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