An application of my own to schedule SMSs. Uses Python but is a stand alone application. It installs fine on my N73 even though it uses a rudimentary UID and is not signed, can anyone else install it ok?

Anyone who has experience with the signing/UID process could you let me know how I should get this sorted so I can make this an official app, any help would be much appreciated.

Any comments, feature requests or bug reports are welcomed.

I'm getting varying reports that it may or may not work when installed on the memory card, I'll look in to this, but it may be best to install on internal phone memory for now, it's a small application so won't take up too much room.


Added repeat support (please test and let me know if it's working ok)
Can only cancel edit/new scheduled sms from the select-contacts screen, this fixes a bug where if you edited a scheduled sms, you could only re-choose the contacts if the first date/time/message form had been changed.

Only show contacts who have mobile number
Order contacts alphabetically
Show '(unamed)' for contacts without name
Ability to enter number(s) not in phone book

Save/load scheduled sms' to disk


SIS download: