Updates your Java MIDP - mobile/ wireless jad file everytime you build.

Pass it param to the Java MIDP JAD File, it read it till "MIDlet-Jar-Size: " inserts the matching jar files size and then writes the file to a temp file.
It then renames the new file to the old.
if you choose back-up (by passing paramater 2 as "backup" case insensitive) then it makes a back up called xyz.jad.backUp
If you want the Java version email me tgkprog at g mail ...

VB6 Source is also there

get it here http://progs4.googlepages.com/JavaJadUpdtr.html

do post back if u used it thank you or download attachment

vb run time from
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/d...d-cdf2d29a79d5 if your pc needs it - most will have - this app uses no special controls is a non gui