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    Symbian OS Error in Connector.open(..) for SocketConnection


    String url = "[host]:19955";
    sc = (SocketConnection)Connector.open("socket://" + url, Connector.READ_WRITE);

    this line throws a java.io.IOException with message : Symbian OS Error = -34

    my phone is 6630

    why can it be ?

    it runs well in the emulator...

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    Re: Symbian OS Error in Connector.open(..) for SocketConnection

    Symbian OS Error = -34 means KErrCouldNotConnect - Failed to connect

    Is your app Signed? Did your app request some permission messages ? If so you have to allow those permission messages.
    Here is the list of Symbian OS Error codes.

    Also please make sure that your device does have proper GPRS settings and its activated with your operator.(Make sure you can browse internet with the default browser of the phone)


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    Re: Symbian OS Error in Connector.open(..) for SocketConnection

    I had this same error but had to leave the code due to project time constraints. Could you elaborate more on signing and how it should be approached when using sockets and which certificate is best.


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