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    Recording Quality

    Hello Python Brothers

    Below is a code in which i have defined 2 methods one is for recording and the other is for playing.I have been making some recording applications and i have been successfully been able to record wav files with good speed and quality output.Now i want to record an mp4 file but i am not successful with the quality of the recorded sound.I think the speed of the recorded sound is an issue as well.When i play the recorded sound it run faster then the normal sound that had been recorded.Is there a Solution to this problem??
    I have tried the Below code on 6680 as well as 7610 and both have the same problem.
    filename = 'e:\\other\\recorded+".mp4"
    def recording():
        global S
        print "Recording On...." 
    def playing():
        global S
            print "Playing"
            appuifw.note(u"Record to the File first", "error")
    Has anybody else tried the Mp4 recording??
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Best Regards
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    Pankaj Nathani

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