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    Thumbs down deployment java apps


    I am wondering what may be important when deploying java apps to a mobile device...
    Hope you guys(and/or girls) can help me answer some (deployment) questions I'm stuck with...
    my main questions concern https websites and certification on the device itself.
    here are my questions:

    Do I have to take in account the operating system on wich I want to deploy(do all nokia devices have the same os? how about other devices?)?

    Is it just possible to browse to a website and download a java app, even if it is https, will I get a pop up if it's a https website (ssl)?

    I heard I need a "Sun Java Signing Digital ID" to deploy on mobile devices. Is this true ?

    What is the easiest way to deploy java applications? I would think thru a website... but what measures do I need to take...

    Tips and hints are more then welcome.. I hope to learn as much as possible about deploying java to mobile devices...

    thx alot, hope you can help :-) !!!

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    Re: deployment java apps

    You can deploy J2ME MIDlets via a web server. All you need is to put the file there, and make sure the web server is configured to send the correct MIME type in the HTTP headers for Java programs (.jar and .jad files).

    In general, you do not need to concern yourself over which operating system the Java implementation runs on (the Java Virtual Machine) is supposed to abstract away such things. However, you do need to concern yourself over implementation differences by different devices. In the case of Nokia devices, it is usually enough to look at the different S40 or S60 "editions" = versions; e.g., S40 5th Edition, or S60 3rd Edition Featuee Pack 1, etc. All devices based on a given edition/version should mostly behave alike.

    You don't necessarily need to sign MIDlets, but it depends... Getting rid of some confirmation prompts require signing, and getting them installed on some operator customized devices needs it too (if they've decided to restrict what kind of apps and by whom they allow). General info and guidance for "official" Java signing, see http://www.javaverified.com

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