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    raw_input issue with ENTER KEY


    I am using last 1.4.1 final version of pys60 and would like using raw_input.
    Unfortunately it seems that there's no key to validate text entered??
    With emulator i have just found that the "ENTER" key of the PC keyboard can validate the input....of course on the real device it's useless...

    Is there a way to validate the input ?
    Can i use something else than raw_input ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: raw_input issue with ENTER KEY

    On my phone (6600) the text entered using raw_input() can be accepted using both select key (joystick) and enter key (0 pressed 3 times). It only didn't work after selecting enter from special keys (* key).

    I'm using PyS60 1.4.1 final.

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