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    modifiy HTTP header


    Is it possible to but, for example a code, in the HTTP get header on the Nokia Activ server 2.1?

    If yes, how can i change the it?

    Our customer would like to identify our WAP gateway on his WEB server with this code.


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    RE: modifiy HTTP header


    Yes, this should be possible. There is a sample called
    FilterSample.java which can be found from the Nokia Activ Server 2.1 installation folder \servlets\samples.

    According to the comments in the file:

    * The FilterSample class implements a simple header filter for Nokia Activ Server. This sample adds one new header to the HTTP header that can be passed to a origin server or to another servlet in a servlet chain.

    PLease check the file and Nokia Activ Server 2.1 Programmer's Guide for more information.

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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