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    Exclamation error -6305 on emulator cant simulate BT connection

    hello all,

    iam using s60 3rd ed fp1 to test and simulate applications which use BT , i have downloaded the BT driver which seems to work
    cause i can discover and pair my gps receiver through
    the emulator connectivity/bluetooth/... option .

    but when i try to run my midlets on the emulator and connect to a gps receiver
    using BT connection i keep getting error -6305.

    i was also using some demo code samples including the famous example:


    and yet same error occurd.

    on the other hand while testing the demo application on nokia 6680 i managed to receive the GPS data and play with it.

    i found this post below ,which made me worry a bit more:
    Detailed description This error is due to physical link activation and closing events collision. Occasionally an application can use a sending interval that happens when the Physical Link and HCI are in the middel of a state transition. S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 3 implementation allows for a new activation while the link is actually being closed down - and therefore the -6305 error.

    One workaround to this problem is to have constant traffic on the channel to avoid the physical link idle timer to go off and close the connection.

    How to reproduce

    Solution This problem is corrected in S60 3rd Edition and no workarounds are needed.

    Hope it may help you.
    since i already use 3rd edition i dont know what to do.

    i found 2-3 people on this forum facing the exact problem as me , can anyone give us some answers please?

    thank you all
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    is there anyone i can turn to , any developer support?
    regarding this problem ,
    i dont seem to get atention on this forum

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    still no reply

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    Re: error -6305 on emulator cant simulate BT connection

    I think you may have to submit this to support for help. It does not appear that there is any easy answer and will require the engineering expertise you have to pay for.


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    Thanks , nice to get some reply over here.
    but i am not going to pay nokia to fix their own bugs , since its happened to several people its more than likely some sort of a bug with the emulator or the BT driver.

    but they are welcome to ask for details and i will help them fix it for free.
    untill then i will just use some other working emulator and debug my application on a real phone

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    I have the same error with my JavaME application on N80 phone, but that error doesn't happens on 6630 phone.
    I've deployed an application that reads NMEA data from BT GPS. To make my application robust, when BT GPS goes down the application sleeps and try to reconnect in a while, without need of any user interaction. On 6630 the reconnection re-starts perfectly again as soon as the BT GPS goes up, but the same thing doesn't happens on N80, that fails to reconnect and indicates 6305 error. On 6630 i can see the bluetooth icon to blink to try to reconnect on BT, and if the GPS receiver is ready again the connection is established again and so on. On N80 the icon is not (yet) present (is present on StandBy screen but NOT inside the MIDlet) and never tries to blink, thus the connection cannot be re-established. Seems that the hardware is not capable to pair again with BT GPS, but with the old 6630 all work fine. I spent many hours to increase the robustness of reconnection, obviously testing it on 6630. Now i bought the "new" N80 phone with the bad surprise!
    Obviously Nokia indicates that this error has been solved on 3rd edition, but seems that N80 comes with 3rd edition, so they have to correct that indication or find workaround for 3rd ed as soon as possible!
    Last think: if i deploy an application in Java to be "sure" of portability, why have i fight with those errors?? The "Symbian errors" are not Java errors, so my hard work is ok, but not Symbian!
    Someone over internet says tha Symbian stills in beta version...

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