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    JAR files > 100Kbytes

    We are using the Nokia Activ Server 2.1 on Windows NT 4.0 SP5.

    Our problem is to download JAR files bigger then 100Kbytes. Is there a limit in the Nokia Activ server?

    In the option menu of the UDP bearer is "No explicit limit to response size" selected. We are using a CSD dialin.

    Any idea why such big JAR files are not downloadable to a Nokia 7650 mobile phone?


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    RE: JAR files > 100Kbytes


    Nokia WAP Gateway lets through file sizes up to 100 KB. Some gateways might restrict the size lower. You should also check that you are using Permanent session mode in the connection. It enables the use of SAR (Segmentation and Re-assebly) functionality. If you are using Nokia WAP Gateway and Temporary session mode, then you are able to get files up to 30 KB to Nokia 7650.

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    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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