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Thread: Prefix request

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    Prefix request


    In our IPBX we using dial prefix (number 0) to make outgoing call throw our voip gateway. The problem is that we can’t take away this prefix because of our customers.

    So this will result in when using the Voip in the nokia phones we need to dial one extra 0 to get out to the PSTN network. This will result in that we can’t directly call from the phone address book that contains without the extra 0.

    So to my question, is it any application, trick or prefix that will add one extra 0 when calling with the internetphone?

    Thanks for your help!


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    sip registration

    (sorry for posting question in other's thread)
    i am facing problem with sip registration.i am using vpn.my public ip is sip proxy server is sip1.bcomst.com .
    user id is 3280022232 . i have done following coding:

    SipClientConnection register = (SipClientConnection) Connector
    register.initRequest("REGISTER", sipConnection);
    register.setHeader("To","sip:3280022232@sip1.bcomst.com" );

    then i have sent request. but no response comes.
    will u plz tell me what is wrong with my coding?

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