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    Multiple SDKs / Emulators issues + Connecting Emulator to Internet


    I have gone through many forum post and documents but not geting clear idea about dealing vth multiple emulators and connecting them to Internetthrough Ethernet.

    I have SDKs 2.1 and 2nd ed. fp3.The 2.1 emulator is working properly and conneted to Internet.But the fp3 emulator is not.
    I have tried 2/3 methods( manual configuration, from emulator's preferences tab etc.) but no luck.

    I have jre 1.4 and 1.6 installed still, selecting the Tools->Preferences tab showing message jre 1.4 or later required.

    Pls, inform me why one emulator is being connected n working well and another is not.How to deal vth such situation.

    Pls, help.
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