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    860809 - syntax coloring

    is there any theme for downloading and applying to Carbide.c++ environment? default is very good, but its contrast. i used to select dark themes and have no time to tune it to dark. predefined themes which are designed by graphists, psychologists and others who are better designers than me are certainly better than what i may select.
    i don't mean menus, toolbars, etc. i mean just syntax coloring for cpp codes by theme.

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    Re: 860809 - syntax coloring

    You can set the appearance under General > Appearance and colors under Editors > Text Editors but I don't see anywhere to download general themes. Seems like I've seen some docs on how to create themes but I didn't find any on a google search so I guess you have to do you own customization. Let us know if you find any : )

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