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    Do Nokia Series 80 devices/SDKs support Xlet application model?

    Is there a forum that is dedicated to CDC/FP/PBP/PP
    applications development (Series 80 SDK?)
    By browsing through Mobile Java XXX forums, i've noticed
    that some posts regarding CDC/PBP/PP applications development
    are being ignored.
    Was just wandering - if Series 80 SDK/device supports Xlet
    application model management? Since PB 1.0 spec requires
    Xlet app model support on compatible implementations,
    I haven't found any mention about Xlet SDK docs
    (excluding only the references by PB 1.0 spec).


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    Re: Do Nokia Series 80 devices/SDKs support Xlet application model?


    The S80 questions are not ignored (even though I agree that it might look that way...). Unfortunately there are so few developers developing applications on S80 anymore that getting answers is hence quite rare (unless the question is really simple). Also note that these boards are not an official support channel of Nokia, but almost all of the answers are provided by other mobile developers, who are not Nokia employees


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