A new version of Raccoon is now available for download at SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/raccoon

This version now fixes a bunch of problems that existed in the previous, first Open-C, version and also introduces some new functionality.

  • Apache is now multi-threaded and thus can handle multiple requests concurrently. Note though that if mod_python is loaded, then Apache will revert to single-thread mode as PyS60 is not MT-aware at the moment.
  • mod_python is now version 3.3. Along with mod_python are now the following Python files installed: cgi.py, dis.py, ftplib.py, gopherlib.py, hmac.py, inspect.py, mimetypes.py, posixpath.py, token.py, tokenize.py, urllib2.py, pickle.py, tempfile.py
  • Raccoon can now be installed on a device where MWS (http://mymobilesite.net) is already installed. In that case the mod_python files of Raccoon are not installed, but the ones of MWS are used instead.
  • It's now possible to activate WLAN directly from the UI and the obtained IP-address is also shown.

Self-signed SIS-file, unsigned SIS-file, built using the maximum capabilities available for a developer certificate, source code and SDKs are available. You can also pull the source directly from the SourceForge repository.
cd ...\S60_3rd_MR
mkdir mws
cd mws
svn co https://raccoon.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/raccoon/phone/tags/release-0.11.0/phone
NOTE: If you want product quality then MWS (http://mymobilesite.net) might be a better choice; if you don't mind living on the bleading edge then Raccoon might be for you.