Could someone help me with Nokia NFC solutions?

Here is what our company want to experiment:

- Get a NFC phone so we can scan/read active RFID tags/device within 50 meter range or scan/read passive RFID tags within 1-10cm range. We would like to experiment with both indoor and outdoor environment.

- We also want to program the NFC phone (secure element) with our java midlet application. that would process the information obtained by scanning the tag and thencommunicate the results to another java application we program on the phone. The application will then send the results back to a HTTPS back-office server via the data channel of phone.

- A user may touch his NFC phone with another NFC phone. My java applications running on each NFC phone shall read the information from each other and then process the information and both display the result to the user and send the info back to a backend HTTPS server via the data channel.

- The midlet application would be developed on a PC based on Java JSR and Nokia APIs.

- Ideally, I could program (write to) the Nokia phone and its secure element on a PC via USB conection to the NFC phone..

- Ideally, I could also program (write to) passive NFC tags using my custom java midlet running on the Nokia Phone.

In such cases, could you tell me what type of products at the minimum I would need to get, so I may proceed with my application development?