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    GPRS Support in Nokia PC Suite Connectivity API 3.0.


    I am trying to write an application on a laptop which uses a connected Nokia Phone as a GPRS modem. The application on the laptop receives files from other phones on the GPRS connection.

    Currently, I have to manually establish the GPRS connection from the laptop using PC suite and also manually monitor the status of the GPRS connection. I cannot do it from inside the application as there seems to be no GPRS support in the 3.0 API.

    Is it possible to automate this process in the application i.e have the application use the API to initiate the GPRS connection, monitor the GPRS connection and re-establish the connection if the GPRS link drops. Also, does the API provide any support to get the IP address assigned to the laptop.

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: GPRS Support in Nokia PC Suite Connectivity API 3.0.

    How about just configuring the phone as a regular modem from the Windows perspective and using AT commands to open the packet data connection?

    Typically you just dial the number *99***1# to make a default GPRS Internet access point connection. You may need to use a modem initialization string like +cgdcont=1,"ip","internet"

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