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    Apache implementation

    Hi, is there any list of the commands that have been ported to the mobile version?
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    Re: Apache implementation

    Quote Originally Posted by apinkus View Post
    Hi, is there any list of the commands that have been ported to the mobile version?
    Hmm, I'm not quite certain that I got what you were asking, but here's a list of the modules that are built and installed with Raccoon:

    mod_alias, mod_asis, mod_auth_basic, mod_auth_digest, mod_authn_alias, mod_authn_anon, mod_authn_dbm, mod_authn_default, mod_authn_file, mod_authz_dbm, mod_authz_default, mod_authz_groupfile, mod_authz_host, mod_authz_user, mod_autoindex, mod_bucketeer, mod_cache, mod_case_filter, mod_case_filter_in, mod_cern_meta, mod_charset_lite, mod_dav, mod_dav_fs, mod_dav_lock, mod_deflate, mod_dir, mod_dumpio, mod_echo, mod_env, mod_example, mod_expires, mod_ext_filter, mod_filter, mod_headers, mod_ident, mod_imagemap, mod_include, mod_info, mod_log_config, mod_log_forensic, mod_logio, mod_mime, mod_mime_magic, mod_negotiation, mod_proxy, mod_proxy_ajp, mod_proxy_balancer, mod_proxy_connect, mod_proxy_ftp, mod_proxy_http, mod_rewrite, mod_setenvif, mod_speling, mod_ssl, mod_status, mod_unique_id, mod_userdir, mod_usertrack, mod_version, mod_vhost_alias
    You can find documentation for them here: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod

    Note though that not all of them are loaded into Apache at runtime. You can check in /data/apache/conf/httpd.conf from the LoadModule lines which modules are. mod_python is loaded in .../conf/extra/httpd-s60.conf.

    Note also that most of them have not been tested on S60. They have simply been built, because no modifications have been needed. If you try something out and it doesn't work (or does work) please let us now. There are opportunities for some interesting experiments, such as, for instance, configuring Apache as a forward proxy for the browser on the phone


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