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    Polyphonic Ringtones - which sequencer to use?

    Hi! Can anybody help me? What's a good sequencer to use to create MIDIs for polyphonic ringtones? I've got CuBase VST. What I really need to know is how (and where within the program) do I insert an MIP message? What programs have you used to create polyphonic tones? Is there a sequencing program designed especially for poly tones?
    Any help will be apprecciated.

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    RE: Polyphonic Ringtones - which sequencer to use?

    Cubase VST is perfectly adequate for sp-midi creation. Re the mip message - do you know how to work with system exclusive messages? It's the same as that, and it's inserted at the very start of the file.

    Try opening your MIDI file in mmsGuru's MIDIScale application, or in the Nokia Sound Converter - re-save the file (you'll need to follow some steps in the Sound Converter), and then re-open it in Cubase. You'll then need to scout around for the sysex message, to see where it's inserted - it'll look something like this:

    F0 7F 7F 0B 01 02 01 03 02 01 04 06 05 F7

    In Cubase SX you can find the Sysex in a dedicated track at the top of the file - inspect it using the list editor - I'm not sure if the list editor has the same name in Cubase VST.


    Nokia's Sound Converter is in the 7210 PC Suite - you can download it somewhere on the Nokia site!


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