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    Exclamation Issue with Audio MP4 - DRM OMA 2.0 protected


    I'm experiencing particular issues when i try to deliver an audio MP4 content (Original extension of the file not encrypted: ".MP4" with either Content-Type: "audio/mp4" or "audio/aac") protected with DRM OMA 2.0 to a Nokia N95 phone (V 10.0.018 - 15-03-07).

    I'm actually able to download the encrypted content to the phone (through HTTP) and correctly get the RO (Separate Delivery, ROAP over HTTP), but when i try to play the file the handset pops up an "Damaged file. Step aside" message (the real message could be different...i'm working on an italian version...but that's the sense ).

    The behavior is pretty different when I perform the same test with MP3s (Original extension of the file not encrypted: ".MP3" and Content-Type: "audio/mp3") or AACs (Original extension of the file not encrypted: ".AAC" and Content-Type: "audio/aac") files: the phone is in this case able to play the protected content with no issues.

    Moreover, the same MP4 file not encrypted is actually playable from the same phone.

    My guess is that this problem could be related to the DRM Agent on the phone. My perception is that when it receives an ".MP4" content, it is actually managing it as a video content (even if an "audio/mp4" content type is present).

    The entire PKI authentication infrastructure (RI, CA...) is pretty the same for every content. As a further test, I copied on my laptop (through Bluetooth) the DCF not playable by the phone, decrypted it with the same RO previously delivered to the phone and was able to play back the decrypted content...

    At least, the issue seems to be strictly related to the phone...

    Can you please give me some feedback on this case?

    Thanks and regards,
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    Re: Issue with Audio MP4 - DRM OMA 2.0 protected


    I'm not sure about the DRM side of this if that's where the error is but I have seen problems with audio in an .MP4 container before. One thing to make sure is that it really is just audio and the content authoring/converting tool hasn't added an empty video track. The other thing that might be worth trying is using .m4a in an Apple iTunes style extension - the system should know that's music not video (although that should also have been the case for .aac).

    My other suggestion would be to change the phone language to english and repeat to get the english text for the error message. That way if someone inside Nokia checks this then they can more easily search for the string.


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    Re: Issue with Audio MP4 - DRM OMA 2.0 protected


    thank you for the quick reply.

    I changed the phone language and tested it back with the english interface.

    When i start the content download and i'm asked to accept it the correct info are shown: Size 658Kb, Type: Sound Clip.

    I choose to save it on the phone memory and get it saved in the "Sound clips/Digital sounds" folder.

    Then, i'm asked to accept the RO download. The phone is being correctly registered on the RI and I get the RO for the content.

    When i get the following message: "Activation key for content.odf received. Open file now?" and select YES, the exact error message when we use audio MP4 contents is: "File is corrupted. Operation cancelled."

    I'm trying to investigate if it's possible to make a test with an M4A content...we're actually getting the contents from an external CSP.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Issue with Audio MP4 - DRM OMA 2.0 protected

    Ciao Gianluca,

    can I contact you off-line, I have couple of question regarding OMA DRM 2.0


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    Re: Issue with Audio MP4 - DRM OMA 2.0 protected

    I tried transferring a PDCF m4a file to the phone's mass memory with usb data transfer.
    The result is when the file extension is .m4a Gallery Player tries to play it outputs no sound(the play/resume/stop buttons are greyed out); and when the extension is .odf the player just complains that it is an invalid file. Nowhere does it try to open a ROAP session. My question is id N95 able to play OMA DRM 2.0 PDCF files natively?
    In the first post you had said that you had also experimented with this, and had proceeded to the stage where the ROAP was completed. Did you use PDCF or v2.0 DCF or v1.0 DCF? If you could please also send me the file so I can hope to see what you did differently.


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