Sometime ago, I posted here to announce Amora project.

For those that don't known, Amora (A mobile remote Assistant) is an application that enables you to control the linux desktop using your cellphone. It uses bluetooth to send mouse and keyboard events to the graphical session. With it, you can control your slides in OpenOffice, movies or any other application. Amora also has a screenshot feature, where you can see the thumbnail in the cellphone screen of currently in focus window in the desktop.

Since the original post, I had being working on its usability, testing and fixing bugs. Between the new features of version 0.9:

- bug fixing (server and client)
- keymap graphical layout (represents where each key is
located in cellphone keyboard)
- Portuguese page in website
- app runs from any cellphone drive
- a very nice "about box"

You can get more details at:

If you get the skills and some free time (as also the will to help in an opensource project), Amora currently has this needs:

- testing (only tested on N93 and E61)
- packaging (deb, rpm, sis, etc)
- new features suggestions
- coding (check project 'issues' webpage)

Best regards