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    # pages in a deck


    Is there a practical limit to the number of pages in a deck?
    Any nice rules-of-thumb perhaps?

    Posted by Colm Rice, colm@local.ie
    on May 25, 2000 at 14:01

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    RE: # pages in a deck

    Posted by mario gianota, mariogianota@SimultaneousMillions.com
    on May 25, 2000 at 16:41

    Hi Colm,

    The number of cards you can place within a deck is bounded only by the amount of memory in the Wap device and the bytecode size restrictions that the Wap gateway/ Wap phone (I'm unsure which) imposes upon the transmission of those decks to the device.

    Currently the Nokia 7110 has a 40k memory cache (see http://wap.com.ph/nokiafaq). The maximum allowed size for a WMLDeck is set at 1.4k for the Nokia7110.

    A rule of thumb? View the size of the compiled wmlc file. If it's greater than 1.4 bytes, you're out of luck. More like an absolute rule rather than a rule of thumb, wouldn't you say?

    Simul' WML Source code library: http://SimultaneousMillions.com/library

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