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    from mod_python import apach problem

    hi all,
    i have installed mobile web server and pys60 script shell on the e61. the mws runs well, and I just wanted to test the mod_python module.

    in the interactive console i input:

    from mod_python import apache

    the result is :No module named _apache

    accordding to the traceback, it seems the apache.py import a module called _apache, and the latter is not found.

    why?is there anything has not done by me?


    btw , i also tried the mod_python module in PC with python2.5. It's not working either. also because the _apache cannot be found

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    Re: from mod_python import apach problem

    The _apache module is only available when running inside mod_python. Likewise, the appuifw module is only avaiable when running from the python shell or a python standalone application.

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