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    error in running emulator SDK (2ed 3fp)

    Hi, when i run the device connection, it shows me this message:

    infor - "Emulator preferences and diagnostic tool is a java application.
    you will need a Java 1.4.1 or later compatible virtual machine on your system."

    details - java version: 1.6.0_03, Java runtime version 1.6.0_03-b05, Java VM version: 1.6.0_03-b05"

    Seems like it had a newer version of java. previously, I was able to access this device connection tool.what can i do now?


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    Re: error in running emulator SDK (2ed 3fp)

    Hello nick_santa83

    The last time when I had formatted my PC and I had used the connection tool on the emulator I had got this type of error for the first time.Also When I was using Internet explorer to surf sites and the site had some content which it could display using java then too I used to get a Java update message.Somehow I managed to get a newer version and installed it.From then I do not get such errors and can use the connection tool fine as well.

    So I think you should install newer version of java and try as well.

    You can get it from http://java.sun.com/javase/6/webnotes/ReleaseNotes.html

    Hope that helps

    Best Regards
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    Re: error in running emulator SDK (2ed 3fp)

    Hi nick_santa83,

    Have you tried to run the installer 2ed 3fp SDK installer and choose "Repair" instead of install?

    It could be a path problem pointing to the old a Java directory that you delete.

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    Re: error in running emulator SDK (2ed 3fp)

    hi,I tried repair, but it's not supported. Hence I did a uninstall and re-install the SDK but it still doesn't work. Is it because my Java is too new?

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