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    Theme creator

    What is the best software to create o mobile themes ?

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    Re: Theme creator

    It depends on which phone models (and by which manufacture) you're targeting.

    The Nokia provided tools are the S40 Theme Studio, the old S60 Theme Studio versions, as well as the Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition.

    Use the S40 tool for themes for S40 phones, and Carbide.ui for S60 phones.

    I don't know of any other S40 theme tools.

    For S60, there's also on-device theme editors like the Theme DIY application, or the web-based http://www.ownskin.com but those are not as capable as theme editors.

    For other manufacturers, you need to go ask them.

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    Re: Theme creator

    Quote Originally Posted by xtrem726 View Post
    What is the best software to create o mobile themes ?

    If you have a S60 Device then you can use the theme creators (not editors) on www.mobile9.com and www.ownskin.com to create your own customised theme..
    I use the theme creator on ownskins.com and would recommend you to use it.It supports most of the S60 devices available and you can create themes online without downloading any software..

    And talking about editing themes I did a bit google on it and found microforum theme editor.Havent check it yet!You can try it if you want.

    Hope that helps

    Best Regards
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