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    Question cant play large video

    in my program,the large video cant be play ,the error is outofmemory.i used several image in the canvas menu,when i discard the canvas,the video can be play ,but it is so slow to play it.the video size is about 5M,is there any way to play large video? For example 100M .
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    Re: cant play large video

    Depends on the device
    For example some newer S60 devices you could try this tip
    For non-streamable media, the whole content is loaded into a buffer when a player is created using InputStream or using the HTTP or HTTPS protocols. When a player is created using ‘file’ or the RTSP protocol, the whole content is not buffered but played directly from the source.

    On Series 40 side this is wht the Java ME Developer's library tells
    Media content is fully loaded into memory before playback if the content resides inside the MIDlet JAR file or the protocol HTTP or file is used. Thus, only the content that fits into the available memory heap can be played



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    Re: cant play large video


    I will read the doc.

    Best Regards
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    Re: cant play large video


    Even i had a problem with video of size 1MB 3GPP file using http.
    Smaller one is playing fine.

    Suggest some way to play larger ones as well.


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