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    Nokia 6300 unlocking/firmware and other questions


    I've bought a phone Nokia 6300 locked in Orange network. I went to a GSM shop and they unlocked my phone.
    On the net I read that based on IMEI code they find the unlocking code but instead they have opened my phone and "read" something with a device. What kind of method is that ? Is it better ?

    How can I check if it's completly unlocked ?

    Also, if the software from the phone will be erased and written a new one, a newer firmware version, there the phone will be still locked ? Where is that locking feature ? Isn't like the motheboard bios when you flash a new one everything is changed ?

    I saw on Nokia web site that I can update the firmware. The phone camed with 5.00 firmware customized by Orange, if I'll update to 5.50 which is on Nokia website, the customized Orange software will be erased ? Or should I go again to that GSM shop to erase the phone and write the new software with that devices ?

    That's all for now,
    Thanks if anyone can answer my questions.

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    Re: Nokia 6300 unlocking/firmware and other questions

    This is not the right place to ask end product questions, you may want to ask this at http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/. If you post your question there you may get a better response from others.


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    Re: Nokia 6300 unlocking/firmware and other questions

    Unlocking here means allowing other SIM cards to be inserted on the device. So test your phone with SIM card from some other operator.

    Nokia software updater will likely update your phone with newer Orange build or then provide no update at all. It will not be updated to Nokia generic firmware.


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