Hello, we've recently launched new service for Nokia and SE mobile phones management via web at http://www.bloove.com

It is like PC Suite for the web. Bloove allows you to manage your phone via web browser without cables or Bluetooth. Only data connection is needed.
In current version you can:
* create/edit/remove contacts on the phone
* store contacts in the archive
* send SMS messages and initiate calls
* manage Speed Dials

and all these things you can do via web.

See details at our FAQ: http://www.bloove.com/site/faq

List of supported phones: https://www.bloove.com/site/supported_phones

All available functions are free for now.

To get into beta go to http://www.bloove.com, sign up for an account (only user name and password or OpenID is required) and download agent for your phone.
Your feedback is welcome.