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    problem with viewing reponse content

    I have updated my Nokia MIT and have a problem viewing the content of my server responses, it always gets displayed in hex format and I can't convert it to text.
    does anyone else have this problem?

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    RE: problem with viewing reponse content


    When you are using the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkiit Verison 3.1 and you have selected to se Current content, you can choose from drop-down menu on the right upper corner which output you would like to use.

    Decoded WML:
    Displays the result of parsing the binary content (the
    encoded content). Thus, it may be a less accurate representation of the content as it was initially received, especially with regard to white space in cdata sections. (The Element Tree view is more accurate.)
    (Note that, for WML content, only one of the above choices is available for a particular document: Original Source if the document is a request and Decoded WML if the document is a response.)

    Displays the bytes received. This view provides line numbers
    to the left of each line for ease of reference; to the right of each line, a close approximation of the decoded content is displayed.

    Element Tree:
    Displays the content as it was received most accurately
    among all views. It is most useful for revealing the tag structure of the content. Viewing specific code areas is eased by clicking the button to expand the element hierarchy or to collapse it.

    Pete / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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