Hi All ,

I am having a weird issues related to Cba which I hope you experts can help me in solving

I have a entirely customized application with this I mean my own StatusPane, , View, Custom Dialog, MenuBar, Cba … etc which is supporting both landscape and portrait

Now Things are working good in Portrait mode but when I change to Landscape mode I encounter an issue

Issue :

When the mode is Landscape the top right cba button (Avkon Cba) is visible and it comes over my customized ui and the other button is hidden (quite strange) (although I could see my custom cba)

I had tried some solution but none of them worked following are the things I tried

Cba() ->MakeVisible(EFalse);

2> /* In dialogs */

CEikButtonGroupContainer& group = ButtonGroupContainer();

/* Changing the order of pushing in the stack */

AppUi()->AddToStackL( *this, iCbaPanel );
AppUi()->AddToStackL( *this, iContainer );

//But nothing happened

Note :- The above issue occurs when we switch from Portrait to Landscape
While moving to Landscape to portrait everything works fine .

With Regards