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    Location API JSR 179

    I'm developing a simple midlet which is able to perform the location of the phone, using the JSR 179 Location API for J2ME.
    I know that that the Location class has some fields of type int representing the used Location Method(s).
    I know that I can get the used Location Method(s) calling the getLocationMethod() method of the Location class.
    Can I force the Location Methods in some way?
    Something like SetLocationMethod(int field)?
    I read the Final Realese 2 of the JSR 179 Location API for J2ME Specifications but I could not find anything similar
    Thank you

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    Re: Location API JSR 179

    The system works so that you define a Criteria for the Location method you want to use, and you ask the system to provide the closest match for that criteria. No direct forcing available


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