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    Cannot find the EIKECHO App on EPOC emulator.

    Hi all,
    I have "bldmake bldfiles" and "abld makefile vc6" in the
    C:\%EPOCROOT%\Epoc32Ex\Networking\TcpIp\EchoClientUI and
    directories to create .dsw files in
    C:\%EPOCROOT%\Epoc32\build\%EPOCROOT%\Epoc32Ex\Networking\TcpIp\EchoClientUI and
    C:\%EPOCROOT%\Epoc32\build\%EPOCROOT%\Epoc32Ex\Networking\TcpIp\EchoClientEngine directories.
    And i ran ECHOENG.DSW to build ECHOENG.DLL as from the instructions in the SDK help. And then the EIKECHO.DSW to run the app.
    No error occured and the app is built. However, i cound not find the app from the EPOC emulator ( C:\Symbian\6.1\Series60\Epoc32\Release\wins\UDEB\epoc.exe ). Usually i found the app in the "OTHER" folder in the EPOC emulator.

    Isn't it that i made something wrong?
    Where can i find the app?

    Thank you very much.

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    RE: Cannot find the EIKECHO App on EPOC emulator.


    There a minor glitch in the eikecho example source code: The application and resource files are named eikecho.app (and .rsc), but they are generated in /system/apps/EchoClientUI directory. In order to the application icon to show up in the Menu, the app directory must have the same name as the files.

    So, either manually rename the eikecho.app/.src files to EchoClientUI.app/.rsc, or modify the TARGETPATH line in eikecho.mmp to:

    TARGETPATH \system\apps\eikecho

    and recompile.

    FN Developer Support

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