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    Sending Operator Logo Problem

    I have read through all the postings and the FAQ and I still can't find a solution so I need to ask an expert.
    Right now I am using text header (//SCKL) to send operator logo to my phone via SMS. I have checked my MCC and MNC are 302 and 72(Rogers AT&T Wireless,Canada) and according to another posting the MCC would be 03 F2 and 73 (although I still can't figure out why it is 73 after convertion). Then I compose the messages like this. I counter check everything and I still can't find what's wrong in my messages. I am using OTA format(since I can send the CLI logo without any problem and I am using the same graphics) for sure and everything seems ok to me:

    //SCKL15820000070301 3003F2730A00480E010080811FF800040000006042D1C822000000000FFE3528220FFF80FE01045FFBFFC820FFF9010A08802209FC9DFCC2051FF808082090E02
    //SCKL15820000070302 FFEE080288BFE9AAC00520FF84908F8BAF212500080CA69049DA212533FF94C98F98AAA225480254899E29F2424548022484A5C8B184452801C443C439907884F
    //SCKL15820000070303 000043CFFFE0

    Can you guys help me out on this? I have sent it but I still didn't receive it.

    Please help. Thanks.


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    RE: Sending Operator Logo Problem

    DC - no time to look deeply at your binary, but you've definitely been misinformed about the MCC/MNC. In fact, gsmworld.com shows them to be 302 and 720! And the way they should be represented or "encoded" is then: 03 F2 27 F0 For your 302 and 72 it would be 03 F2 27.

    Give that a shot, but really this should not be the problem if you're not even receiving the logo. Have you talked to tech support for AWS Canada?

    -paul / ForumNokia

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