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    Error compiling sip stack !

    hi !
    i am trying to compile sip stack i get it from SIP Client API , for my application and i receive 20 errors like this :
    Undefined symbol: 'class CSIPProfile * CSIPProfileRegistryBase:efaultProfileL(void) (?DefaultProfileL@CSIPProfileRegistryBase@@QAEPAVCSIPProfile@@XZ)'[] carbide Unknown 1195121600968 262
    and i commpile exemples from this forum and the same , can someone help me !

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    Re: Error compiling sip stack !


    missing lib in ur mmp file sipprofilecli.lib

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    Re: Error compiling sip stack !


    I guess you are not compiling sipstack) but rather the client, which is using sip stack API.

    Did you add the proper ".lib" files to link agains to your mmp file and reload/recreate the project via your IDE.

    For sip and communications are those the most obvious:

    // sip&communinaction
    LIBRARY sipclient.lib
    LIBRARY sipprofilecli.lib
    LIBRARY sipcodec.lib
    LIBRARY InetProtUtil.lib
    LIBRARY esock.lib
    LIBRARY insock.lib
    LIBRARY sdpcodec.lib


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