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    Question Sort Contact list

    Hi All,
    Well it has ben quite some time i have been posting here but not quite getting any results. neways lets not stop trying .

    I have a List item and i have populated it with all the contact names of my mobile phone.now i want to sort the names by perssing the key events. i.e. A for all the contacts starting with A and so on. now i have some logic that is doing it fine but the problem is that it is doing the same for onely once. please help me on this . or if anyone can tel me of some other logic.

     protected void keyPressed(int keyCode) 
            char c = 'a';
            if (keyCode >= '2' && keyCode <= '9') 
                c = this.toAlphabet((char)keyCode);
           -- getDisplay().setCurrent(ObjSample1.get_list1());  
          //  this.ObjSample1.run();
    if i remove the line prefixed with -- then it is handling all the key press events else. it is not going more than once. i am not able to findout what the problem might be . please help

    thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Sort Contact list

    This might be related to othe parts of your code. You might do something elsewhere which prevents the application to repond properly etc.
    (if I understand correctly the keyPressed method is called only once...right?)


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