Wap@Mail Press Release

Wap@Mail is new free service, launched by Q-SYS IT/Internet Consulting. It allows a registered user to configure up to 5 POP3 mail accounts and administer these from his Wap enabled handheld.

Easy to use

Wap@Mail was programmed from scratch. During the development process the key aspect was to provide a very easy to use interface for the Wap user that would almost sort itself out.
By combining a web registration and administration interface with modern Wap technology, a powerful application has been developed with features you would only find in expensive Wap-to-mail solutions.

Simple registration

The free sign up process is made to be convenient. A user registers by entering his personal data and immediately receives a mail with the configuration track he needs to follow and his personal Wap bookmark.
When the user logs in to the Wap@Mail web site he can administer up to 5 POP3 accounts (totally independent, these can be accounts by ISP?s, companies and more?).
For each POP3 account the user needs to specify the Profile Name, POP3 Server, POP3 Login, Email and a free to use signature, attached to this account. These configuration parameters need to be entered only once and are easy to change afterwards through the administration interface.

Very user friendly Wap login

In order to circumnavigate the Wap login procedure, a special unique bookmark is provided to the user. Once entered in the phone, the user can browse to the Wap@Mail wap site and sees his own personal mail profiles immediately.
From there he can select a mail profile, enter the POP3 password (these are NOT stored in the database for security reasons!) and browse his message list. Messages can be requested in detail by clicking on the ?From - Subject? link. Each detail message contains the sender, date, subject and the message body, truncated to 960 characters.
The user can reply, delete or send a message. Replies and sent messages are sent with his personal signature!

About Q-SYS IT/Internet Consulting

Q-SYS IT/Internet Consulting is a consultancy company active since 1990. The company?s main activities include Advanced Wireless & Internet Application Development and specific trainings.
Q-SYS IT/Internet Consultancy is based in Belgium.

URL?s concerning this publication
Wap@Mail: http://wapamail.q-sys.be/
Q-SYS IT/Internet Consulting: http://www.q-sys.be/

Press Contact: info@q-sys.be

Posted by Bazz Immers, wapamail@q-sys.be
on May 28, 2000 at 20:40