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    STORE-Stream 13 panic while reading data from the stream

    I'm trying to read data from the stream until the desired delimiter is found. I know that in some specific situation delimiter will not exist. But the function
    void ReadL(TDes16 &aDes, TChar aDelim);
    should read the whole stream in this case. It breaks instead with the STORE-Stream 13 panic code.
    As I read in the docs' the panic occurs for some operation that I'm not calling.
    inline TStreamTransfer(TInt aMaxLength);
    In debug mode, the function raises a STORE-Stream 13 panic, if this value is negative.
    The question is:
    Can I search for a certain character in the stream (it's RReadStream)?
    If it's the API bug, maybe there's some workaround?

    my code below...
    	TUint size = aStream.Source()->SizeL();
    	HBufC* streamBuf = HBufC::NewL(size);
    	TChar a = KColon()[0];
    	TPtr16 ptrStr(streamBuf->Des());
    	aStream.ReadL(ptrStr, a);
    Krzysztof Kucharewicz

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    Re: STORE-Stream 13 panic while reading data from the stream

    A HBufC's max size can be greater than that requested (it can get rounded up), so if this is happening it may cause you problems if the delimiter isn't present and the store is trying to fill the HBufC with more data than there is present in the stream.
    Try using an RBuf instead of a HBufC if this is the problem.

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