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    Camera opening sends EEikCmdExit to app

    Hi all,

    I am testing my application to be signed. My problem is when passing test GEN-02, which means Stress the application. One of its parts indicates that I have to open the camera and take a photo. When I open it, a EEikCmdExit is send to my application because the N95 has not enough memory to open it. How should I deal with that command?

    1-Close the application without asking the user
    2-Launch a dialog asking if the user wants to close the application
    3-Do nothing (the camera can't be opened, and shows a message "Memory full. Close some applications and try again").

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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    Re: Camera opening sends EEikCmdExit to app

    It depends what type of app it is. If it is possible to save your state and exit, then this would be the preferred option by SS. I would say giving the user the option would just confuse things, so would may not be appropriate in most cases.
    If your app really needs to keep running and can't coexist with the camera, then you should apply for a waiver.

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