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Thread: wlan nokia n80

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    wlan nokia n80

    Hy guys,
    i have got a nokia n80 and a problem.
    In my university ther's a wi-fi whith many protections:
    SSID = Wi-Fi_UniNa
    autentication protocol = WPA
    Encryption = TKIP
    ad hoc = no
    protected eap (peap)
    password protected EAP MSCHAPv2

    How can i do to connect my little smartfone to this wlan?
    i tried so many times and i never suceed

    please help me

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    Re: wlan nokia n80

    You should create the WLAN access point with those values.

    Read the manual to figure out how it is done on your device. It's also possible that your university it support can give you some hints.


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    Re: wlan nokia n80

    I'd like to know how to configure well my certificate and my log-in.

    In windows i have to put a log-in a password and an "Area".
    into the cell configuration ask "name user", "Area" under eap-peap configuration but under mschapv2 configuration ask me "user name" and "password".

    What can i do?

    please help me


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    Re: wlan nokia n80

    ok i've got a great idea i put the instruction to win xp

    go to control pannel->internet connection->wireless connection
    right click on it then propeties->internet protocol (tcp\ip) -> propieties -> take automaticaly ip address and take dns server automaticaly; press ok.

    go on wireless lan click on "ADD" then
    ssid = "Wi-Fi_UniNa"
    lan autentication = "wpa"
    date criptografy = "tkip"
    lan betwin computer = no

    go on autentication
    kind eap =protected eap(peap)
    Authenticate as pc if the information are not availble = no
    Authenticate as Guest if the information are not availble = no
    go on propiety of protected eap
    Validation certificate server=no
    fast reconnection= no
    select "EAP-MSCHAPV2" then "Configure"
    use Automatically window's log-in and pass= no

    then press always ok

    you will see a message of windows that you find a wlan if you click on the notification cloud windows will ask you log in and pass and area.

    leave area vacum.

    please help me to set this settings into my nokia n80.

    thank you

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    Re: wlan nokia n80

    How could it be???????
    No one has an answer.....

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    Re: wlan nokia n80

    I am afraid that you have came to the wrong place this discussion board is only for Developers support, not for Nokia products or end user application support.

    There is a Nokia product support forum where you may get attention and solutions from others. That is at http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/. If you post your question there you may get a better response.

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