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    How to check for Type ?

    I am using the LayerManager to draw several custom classes extending the J2ME Sprite class...
    A couple of tiems per second I want to move several of these objects, leaving my background (which is also a Sprite) untouched...
    I can simply pick out the background because the object is called backgroundSprite, but the difficult part is picking out the several custom class objects because they all have the same name (i make like 15 objects so thats in a loop with no possibility to give all objects different names, if you know some way tho achieve this I would gladly hear it, creating an object name utilizing some variable's name for example)...
    So I would like to know if there is some way to recognize the type of object in a LayerManager's layer ?
    For example my custom Fruit class extends the Sprite class, while my background is a plain SPrite class object... Is there a way to check if I got an object of the one or the other ?

    Thanks in advance, and a good Monday to everyone

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    Re: How to check for Type ?


    Surely somebody knwos how to check the type of an object ???

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    Re: How to check for Type ?

    Hello Tiger79,

    when looping, how about checking the type with getClass?
    Usage: objectName.getClass.getName();

    More about:



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