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    OMA Client Provisioning for Nokia 5200


    I am completely new user and trying to send OMA client provisioning to Nokia 5200.

    I read Series_40_DP_2_0_OMA_Client_Provisioning_v1_3_en and according to Appendix B WBXML Binary Example with WSP and WDP.i sent OMA settings as a two separate message.

    according to gateway logs message successfully sent to SMSC,but i am not receiving any message.

    I read FAQ regarding this saying that "probably because one or more of the SMS, WDP, or WSP headers is wrongly encoded.".but i am using same binary messages with WDP headres which is given into docs without any change.

    also i transfered my WBXML file with .prov extension but mobile says "Unknown file format" also same file i transferred with OBEX also got error "Invalid Settings".

    1) can u please guide me where might me the problem?
    i am using Destination port and source port 2948 in WDP headers.

    2) can i get some working example of binary OMA settings for Nokia 5200?

    3) what will be the testing environment for this?

    Thanks in advance.

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