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    Do I need to create the apps private directory?


    I am developing an app that creates a preferences-file in the apps home dir upon first startup, that is it creates it if it does not yet exist. On my home machine and on my N95 it created the file correctly, but on my work machine on the emulator it complains that it cannot find the private dir. Is the app not supposed to create this itself? Do I need to create the directory, in this case "C:\private\EFA6386F\", myself and why did the app work on some machines?

    BTW, I often see paths like "\\private\..." here on the forum. What is the "\\" at the beginning of the path. I cannot use a path like this. Is it just another way to say "writable drive" or something like that? Also, do the appication uninstaller delete the private folder upon app uninstallation?


    Sebastian Ahlman

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    Re: Do I need to create the apps private directory?

    If the directory is not created during installation (that is if you do not copy files in it at that stage) or if you need to use a private folder on some other drive then you have to create the directory yourself. See RFs::CreatePrivatePath() and RFs::PrivatePath().

    "\" is an escape character so if you need to use it for specifying a path in a descriptor then you have to use _L(KMyEcamplePath, "c:\\private\\<some_sid>\\mydirectory\\") rather than _L(KMyEcamplePath, "c:\private\<some_sid>\mydirectory\")
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